Chijioke’s California Photo Diary


While Chijioke Okafo (Volume/Demolition) was down in Cali recently for the premiere of the latest Hunt video (which he took 7th place in) he snapped a ton of photos on his phone so we figured we’d put together a special feature post. Check out a stack of photos from Chi’s time down in Cali after the jump with some words straight from the man himself.


Obligatory boarding shot.


We grabbed a room at a hotel for the first night in San Diego and this was the view from the hotel restaurant where we schemed a free breakfast buffet. 


Home base for the trip. Mike Gray was cool enough to put us up for our stay and drive us around SoCal for the entire time. Can’t thank him enough for bein’ a real homie! Headford and Webster stretching their legs before the trip to Full Factory. 


The main reason I keep going back to California.


Big thanks to Jim Bauer and everyone at Full Factory for letting us come invade the ramps for the afternoon, such an amazing setup! Here’s Webster looking unimpressed. 


Every single 7-11 down there is stocked with almost every ‘Zona flavour, and they’re all 99 damn cents. I was in heaven, fuck!


Stopped off at El Toro (on the way back to SD) to see how big it really is. It’s fucking insane, props to anyone who has tossed themselves down that behemoth, successful or not.


Sunset at one of SD’s many beaches. Mike was serious about catching the last 45 minutes of sun every day at the beach, and I had zero problems with that.


We stopped in at the 180 Distribution warehouse on our way into LBC for the premiere to say what’s up and ride the ramps for a bit. They have these tasty display cases all around the warehouse, hard not to stare at them!


There’s always a great bunch of dudes riding the backyard warehouse at 180, and this session was no exception. Shout out to Brian and everyone at Volume/Demo for letting us come through for the day!


This was the theatre that Kosman picked for the premiere of The Hunt, place was so cool looking. 


My Hunt VIP premiere ticket. We had a crazy night and way too much fun, thanks to everyone who made that night possible!


Another SD sunset, they were too easy to get used to.


30″ rims on this thing. Cali people are alllll about their whips, it’s nuts.


Like me, you’ve probably seen an insane amount of clips from this park. It was as fun as it looks.


Quick evening session at Poway park in SD. This park has a $50 000 turnstyle/fence type gate that was fingerprint activated, all in an effort to keep bikes out. We just tossed our bikes over the fence and some kid was nice enough to buzz us in. We rode for a good 2-3 hours and never had a problem. Which is funny because the sheriff’s station is right across the road. Weird place, California is.


Kosman was awesome enough to hook up a day of surfing for Mike and I, it was such an unreal treat. Huge thanks to him for that, can’t explain how much fun I had. This is the view from the street the beach is on. Felt like I was in a movie, it was such a trip out.


Post surf session sunset, exhausted and beaten, but still so stoked.


One more trip back to LBC, but this time for the tacos at the 10th & Temple Mexican spot. I could eat a million of these things.


Nate Richter was kind enough to let us crash at his place for the night and we had a lil bit of a party to get the night rolling. In the kitchen, Wes McGrath and Justin Allan decided to try out Wes’ new Animal cee-lo dice as the drinks and blunts were flowin.’


Headed back to the 180 warehouse one last time to meet up and shoot photos with Brian Castillo, had an amazing day cruising ditches and dodging bums! Thanks again man!


Noticed they had a certain Canadian video out on the TV stand, ha ha. Stay sour!


A sample of the many ditches in SoCal, this place was amazing and we were able to shoot a pretty cool photo here! So many random things to be found in those ditches.


The flights back to Toronto were all you could ask for, here’s another must-have shot somewhere over Colorado.