Good Times in Montreal

The Pepsi Pro/Am at Le Taz skatepark went down on Saturday and it was a blast. So much wildness went down and three of the best tricks of the contest were all Ten Pack riders! Dillon tossed a truck over the box jump backwards to flat perfectly, Dewey did a crazy rail-ride on the big flat-down round rail, and Max Vincent pulled an icepick to tailwhip on the huge slant wall! Pro finals ended up like this: 1st – Steven Moxley, 2nd – Dillon Lloyd, 3rd – Corey Dewey, 4th – Michael Grey, 5th – Max Vincent, congrats guys! Mike Cardin shot a bunch of photos during the contest and I shot a bunch during the after party, so expect a gallery soon with all of those, but for now, check out a few more shots of the winners after the jump, all shot by Mike Cardin. Thanks to Element 51 and everyone else who made the contest happen, can’t wait ’til next year!

Dill was all over the course with heavy park and street moves, so good to watch.

Dewey proved that you don’t have to be a park rat to win a contest. He had so many tech street moves it was insane.

What can you say about Max Vincent? The dude is dialed and did the biggest flair of the contest and the wildest trick.

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